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Protect yourself and your car by shipping with a reliable car shipping company, like Truthful Transport Inc. Steps to Prepare your Vehicle for Transportation  There are a good deal of things to take into account prior to you choosing to ship your car with an auto transporting business and schedule the pick up of your car. One of the most crucial, simple and important preparation steps that you should do straight away before having your vehicle picked up for transporting is to clean out your car carefully of any personal belongings you will not be leaving in your vehicle, so it helps make it much simpler to move your car and easier for us to have your driver inspect your vehicle. The items you leave in your vehicle will be covered by the car insurance. Some examples of the objects that one can have in the car include: clothes, sun glasses, electronic things like cd's, phones, ipod's, phone chargers and other things that you are often likely to have left in the car. Take away any items that you fear may be lost in the course of the transporting service. Removing all the mentioned stuff from your car makes the shipping routine safe for all of us working for you at Truthful Transport Inc., the truck driver, and yourself. Additional preparation measures should include a thorough check underneath the hood of your car. Make sure that there are no leaking fluids, since leaks are not only a dangerous hazard, but may cause staining to other cars in the transport process and this possibility of fluid leakage is also applicable to gasoline; only leave about a quarter of a tank of fuel in your gas tank to help guard against possible fuel leaks during the transport routine. When you are moving your car during the course of long distances, primarily in foreign countries or overseas, please make sure that your battery is completely charged so that we are prepared to operate the automobile upon its arrival. Disarm the active alarm and anti-theft functions on your vehicle to be sure that the transport agent doesn't run across complications with your system in the course of the haul. Thanks a lot for taking these recommended actions to be certain your car is completely prepared to be shipped, we here at Truthful Transport Inc. appreciate you taking your time and energy to help us make this professional transportation routine fast and safe for both of us. Please remember to take note of these simple steps we have provided to properly prepare your vehicle for transportation. If you are not sure if you understand the necessary steps to get your car ready for transport then you may call our friendly staff toll free at 855-744-7878 or click contact us.
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