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Protect yourself and your car by shipping with a reliable car shipping company, like Truthful Transport Inc. Car Transport List Before you begin searching for a vehicle hauling business to ship your automobile, it is a very    good idea to get a list of things you must do before you can give your vehicle out for transportation.               Be sure you've: - Been sure to have a replica spare copy of keys prepared to hand to the driver who'll be taking on the transportation of your vehicle. - Considered Closed trailer which is highly recommended assuming you have a collectible, antique, classic or custom car or truck so don't forget to pick enclosed in this case. - Taken the time to remove all personal items you aren’t leaving from your vehicle prior to pick-up. - Made your own record with photos or notes if your vehicle has some scratches or dents that are pre-existing on it, ensure that you remember to take a note of this so that you could easily find out any new damages that may have showed up on your automobile during the moving operation. Be sure to point out anything that you may notice to the driver, broker or carrier operation upon delivery. - Left your gas tank at a 25 % of a tank to help your carrier avoid transporting their load over-weight. - Changed out all other appropriate fluids and oils to ensure that your vehicle is operable condition unless you have specified that the vehicle is an in-operable automobile. (non-running charges apply) - Remembered that adding anti-freeze is mandatory if your automobile is being transferred to a place of cold climate. - Provided detailed operating instructions in the case that your vehicle has some custom functionality or unique handling, let the car transportation operation know about this before hand so that they are able to operate your vehicle properly and won't run into any problems with your move. - Ensured your battery is fully charged and working. - Completely turned off your Anti-theft system in your automobile, it has to be off for transport. - Moved your vehicle's antenna, it should either be detached or retracted to avoid vehicle damage. - Considered if your automobile has any exterior items that you've integrated, they have to be taken out (if it is possible) to help prevent loss or breakage while in transit. - Looked at your vehicle's windows and other glass components to make certain that they aren't showing signs of any cracks as pre-existing cracks may grow through road vibration during transfer. - Some carrier transport companies we provide may require that you prepare your vehicle according to their strict rules, make sure you review eactly what needs to be done with your assigned carrier.
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